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Candidate Endorsement

I have decided to endorse a candidate for Vice President. This bird knows well that it is customary to endorse a candidate for President, but by jiminy, if I just don't care! An avian's concerns are plentiful and manifold, as well as mani-ful* and plenti-fold**, and everyone knows that the Vice President's office doubles as the Office of Feathered Affairs.

Therefore, for Vice President of the United States of America, I endorse Dick Cheney.

Why? I am lucky enough to enjoy an epistolatory e-relationship with Mr. Cheney (that means we email. A lot), and if that gentleman were to get a new email address to replace the memorable and classy "," why, I'd have to change every entry in every address book in every email account that I have. I have thirty six thousand and fourteen email accounts and I use them all primarily to email Mr. Cheney! We are close!

So please vote for Mr. Cheney for Vice President. You can vote for anyone for President. I don't mind.

*full of manicures. A bird's feather-tips tell a lot.
**folded many times. This is code for "complicated."
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