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Well, I'll be

On the twelfth day of Christmas, smellslikecher sent to me...
Twelve ratites spoon-throttling
Eleven rubbers sushi-lying
Ten bungholes a-building-fucking
Nine amphibians babysitting
Eight sluts a-peas-making
Seven bees a-smoop-punting
Six netherregions episcopalian-farting
Five bi-i-i-ikini waxes
Four supernumerary teats
Three compound verbs
Two middle schools
...and a lurve in an alchemy.
Get your own Twelve Days:

I'm not captive anymore. I learned that if I concentrated hard enough, I could pee MOTORAZRS instead of iPods. So I did.
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Heh Heh Heh! She said Bunghole!
She also said netherregions... Is it Hades down there? Nobody says "netherregions" anymore.
Yes, I just red where "nether regions" used to mean "Hades"
But we're beyond that now. Mabey.
Wow - I thought I responded to your post like forever ago?! I'm the obsessedSM girl that went to a regional OSSM. Yeah i spent over $300 on Sailor Moon stuff in a week (depression gets to ya) mainly on party supplies for my bach. party (for my wedding next year). And I agree, the reason I don't consider myself a "hard-core" or "dedicated" SM fan is because I haven't liked it for nearly as long as other people I know! I never watched it until I was a senior in high school...